COACH LARRY FORD, DBH, ACHE, LBHP received his Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science and Ethics from Mid-America Christian University in Moore, Oklahoma. He earned his Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma and received his Doctorate in Behavioral Health from Arizona State University.

Inspired by the volumes of studies Dr. Ford completed on how infinitely the psyche affects the body and founded Hands to Guide You as he fulfilled my doctoral studies in November 2011.

Dr. Ford has dedicated much of his career to analyzing and executing core strategies at decreasing excessive health care costs in the state of Oklahoma, which therein has significantly reduced health insurance coverage denial. Known for his holistic approach to integrated care, Dr. Ford’s methods are proven to effectively decrease hospital re-admission by 30% in southwest Oklahoma City alone.

His life’s work is built upon improving the way the world experiences healthcare. His practice is comprised of a compassionate interdisciplinary treatment team that epitomizes skilled behavioral health services in Oklahoma, and numerous other notable achievements. In 2016 Dr. Ford received the prestigious Biodyne Life Change Award from Cummings Graduate Institute. (

For more than a decade his practice has been providing mental health care. In January 2021 Hands to Guide You expanded, opening H2GY health, focused on the primary healthcare care arena, offering family medicine and care services.