A program designed for today’s youth, tomorrow’s disruptors. As a world citizen and productive member of our society, Dr. Ford believes in giving back. He understands the importance of looking up to a mentor, the significance in helping others and the true value in investing in young people. This program was designed exclusively for NBPA clients with a commitment to contributing a portion of revenue generated by this arm of his practice, in the form of school tuition and scholarships for young athletes living in under-served communities. Having grown up on the south side of Chicago and playing sports since he was a kid, Dr. Ford’s vision for Let’s Play Sports! is simple.

Our team and will work with each player individually to build a strong mindset that is not only applicable in sport, but also in many areas of life.

The difference will be noticed among team, coaches, faculty, school as a whole and competitors.

We coach the coaches. We treat the players.

  • Cultural Diversity & How it Impacts Players
  • Anxiety including Performance Anxiety: How to mentally prepare and maintain the balance
  • Injury-related anxiety and/or depression
  • Trauma including recovering from Childhood Trauma
  • Depression including PTSD
  • Relationships, interpersonal communication skills, “getting on the same page”, earning respect and giving it.
  • Importance of mindfulness and relaxation for athletes
    Substance Abuse Treatment

Training may take place virtually in the form of webinars, plus an “all-hands-on-deck” approach; one-to-one is our method.

Desired Outcomes include:

  • Help Athletes Cope with Performance Fears.
  • Help Athletes Improve Mental Skills for Performance.
  • Help Athletes Mentally Prepare for Competition.
  • Help Athletes Return After Injury.
  • Help Athletes Develop Pregame Routine.
  • Help Athletes Develop Preshot Routines.
  • Help Athletes Improve Practice Efficiency

We invite you to join us in this endeavor to support and hold up our young people, helping them to achieve their dreams and follow their passion! If you are a coach or member of a youth sports organization or booster club and are interested in scheduling a presentation and free quote, contact Dr. Ford today! (Coaches receive free training with student program purchase. Subsidies and scholarships available.)